Applications furniture and mattresses
Nonwovens fabrics offer antimicrobial protection, comfort, durability, sound insulation, fireproofing and a wide applicability in various industries. Minet offers to its customers nonwovens in bales, for developers of residential and commercial products, such as upholstered furniture and mattresses.
Applications constructions
Geotextiles obtained by needle punching have a wide range of densities that allow the control of soil stabilization. They are successfully used ininfrastructure works and reduce the costs of raw materials for development of drainage systems, both for roads and for foundations.
Applications automotive
We also like to drive, so we appreciate when the inside of the car is comfortable and noiseless. Our nonwovens are distinguished by the heat and sound insulation, thus providing to the customers a flexibility in choosing solutions for internal and external padding.
Applications garment
The nonwovens are ideal for garment industry. Given that the comfort and the resistance are absolutely necessary for clothing, the nonwovens combinations are ideal for lining. We have also developed a special series of products for the producers of sleeping articles (duvets, pillows, mattresses covers, etc.)