Applications constructions

Geotextiles obtained by needle punching have a wide range of densities that allow the control of soil stabilization. They are successfully used ininfrastructure works and reduce the costs of raw materials for development of drainage systems, both for roads and for foundations.

Geotextiles have four important functions that increase the efficiency of road constructions: separation, filtration, drainage and/or reinforcement.
Drainage projects
Geotextiles have applications for drainage of all structures, including under drains, water discharge channels, intercept drains, drains for pavement edges, drains for walls and dams, drains for removing the collected/detected alkaline substances, drains for sport fields etc.
Geotextiles are used to build new railroads or to repair the existing railroads inside the main and secondary or heavy railroads, for switches, crossing points, access roads to bridges, braking devices, etc. Geotextiles have four main functions that enhance the safety in operating and the efficiency of the roads: separation, filtration, drainage and/or reinforcement. Geotextiles […]
Geomembranes protection
Geotextiles are used for geomembranes protection against static and dynamic perforation. Geotextiles are used under embankment and other reinforcing materials. Typical applications: drainage channels, river side protection, rivers, bank protection, artificial canals and erosion protection systems for bridges and dams. Geotextiles offer advantages such as: consistent and continuous filter low impact on the environment simplified […]
Preventing the soils and bank erosion
Having the role of a filter, the geotextiles impoundments could help to control the water leakage, creating anti-erosion barriers, retaining the particles of sludge and allowing to clean water to cross through the material.