Geotextiles have four important functions: separation, filtration, drainage and/or reinforcement. A geotextile placed between the basement and the base foundation/under-base offer many advantages, such us:

It prevents the contamination of the under-base and base layers through fine particles/small material
It allows the use of materials of free drainage and open filtration, more efficient in terms of structure
It reduces the requirements for preparing the place and increases the roads drainage. Moreover, it saves the interruptions caused by the weather
It reduces the depth of excavation needed to remove the unsuitable materials from the basement
It extends the life time of the paving structure and reduces the costs with maintenance and repair
Another function refers to pavement strengthening. When a geosynthetic for interlayer is placed between the pavement layers, this system of the product becomes an integrated structure of the road section, forming a barrier against water infiltration and absorbing the tensions to reduce the reflective cracking and the one caused by the fatigue of the new surface layer. Thus, geosynthetics contribute to a longer life time of the roads through the waterproofing function of the product for bitumen impregnated paving.


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