Preventing the soils and bank erosion

Having the role of a filter, the geotextiles impoundments could help to control the water leakage, creating anti-erosion barriers, retaining the particles of sludge and allowing to clean water to cross through the material.

The materials used for coast impoundments are made of nonwoven polypropylene fibers which have been treated to resist to degradation caused by exposure to UV radiation.

Geotextiles are also used to reinforce the embankments and soft ground foundations. The soil walls and slopes reinforced with geotextiles represent an economical alternative compared with the walls and slopes of rigid concrete.

Geotextiles are also efficient in safe designs such as municipal and risky embankments, dams, canals, water tanks, sewage treatment lagoons, safety pools for residues, daily protection, etc.

Geotextiles represent an integrated part of the safety systems and are used for various applications related to environment, including the liquids and gas collecting system, protection of interlayers / geomembrane lining against damage and perforation.


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