Felts are used in furniture, mattresses and automotive industries. They are produced with weights of 400 – 3000 g/m2 and can have the required widths, thicknesses, densities and hardness. The products hardness is set according to the application, by controlling the parameters of the production equipment and using the suitable raw materials. The products have excellent pulling and tearing resistances and a high tenacity. Other characteristics of the felts produced by Minet: high acoustic and heat insulation and excellent permeability.

We can deliver our products in rolls or on pallets, cut in sheets.

The raw materials we used are ecological, environmentally friendly and recyclable. Different raw materials can be used: synthetic fibers (polyester, polypropylene, etc.) or natural fibers (cotton, wool, jute, hemp, linen, etc.).

Composites can be made of two or more layers, using mixture of fibers with different properties or combining layers of different materials. Thus, there are obtained products of superior resistances, with very good filtration, insulation and resistance to impact.


The product range is characterized by:

Weights of 400 to 3000 g/m2
Thickness of 2 mm to 150 mm
Widths of 500 mm to 2400 mm
Densities of 10 kg/m3 to 160 kg/m3

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