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    Comfort, flexibility and proper care


    Human body is constantly exposed to seasonal changes and remains vulnerable without the proper protection. This is true especially in wintertime, when warm clothing becomes the best ally in the city or away on a mountain adventure.

    Fortunately, nonwovens stepped into the garment industry where, due to their performance attributes, they became viable alternatives both in fashion and in outerwear segment. Briefly, they provide thermal insulation, act as barrier against moisture and odors, adjust body temperature and offer strength with a soft touch.  This converts in comfort, flexibility and proper care for the wearer.

    MINET provides a wide range of thermobonded waddings used in interlinings and fillings for such outdoor winter garments as jackets, ski apparel, gloves or thick caps.  With high quality synthetic or natural fibers, our materials are designed to protect the body from cold, while supporting an active lifestyle.

    We are committed to quality and safety; therefore, our fabrics are hypoallergenic, washing resistant, fireproof and eco -friendly, according to all the industry standards.



    Our quality voluminous wadding is ideal for winter garments

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