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    We use textile waste, otherwise a valueless material and recycle it into sustainable products

    The textile industry is the second largest contributor to global pollution. Our vision of the future is to work in a sustainable and innovative way, with a strong commitment to protect the environment, using recyclable, reusable and environmentally sound materials. Besides the positive environmental impact, textile recycling is a cost effective and “greener” alternative.

    MINET has manufacturing capabilities to process textile waste as raw materials. In this way, we will significantly reduce the quantity of textile waste currently incinerated or dumped on landfills, contributing to the overall sustainable development goals.


    Waste collecting / Recycling / Processing /

    Aiming to produce nonwovens in a responsible way, MINET uses the state of the art equipment that not only processes large quantities of textile waste, but also performs effective air filtration in the production halls. Therefore, adopting a zero waste model, we can develop new types of products, guaranteeing in the same time a safe working environment for employees directly exposed to waste handling.

    Minet linie reciclare


    Constant investment in new technologies is one of our company’s main strengths. We are currently operating a completely automated Laroche hard waste tearing line, able to recycle 500 tons of textiles waste per month. The high-quality regenerated fibers are used internally to manufacture new products with a wide range of applications: mattresses, furniture, automotive insulation etc.


    We offer long-term and regular business partnership in textile waste and production leftovers buyout.


    We are looking for suppliers for our raw materials:

    • Webbings
    • Auto safety-belts
    • Tapes
    • Airbags
    • Nonwovens
    • Thread & extrusion waste of Polypropylene, Polyester
    • Polyester filament

    We do not process used clothes

    Why recycle with us
    Minet reciclare plastic

    Significant savings

    • Less storage, transport and material destruction
    • Save the costs for incinerating or dump on landfills

    Positive image

    • Do savings and protect the environment
    • 1000 kg of recycled plastic (PES or PP) = 2300 kg saved CO2
    Minet Recycling textiles
    We transform waste into innovative textiles
    Minet recycling
    Recycling goes beyond the environmental impact
    Minet de ce sa reciclam
    We improve living through high quality fabrics used in our everyday life

    MINET’s policy to invest in the state-of-the-art latest technology available -alongside a dedicated team of specialists – helped increase the recycling capabilities over the years, enabling us to collect and process important quantities of waste materials.

    We recycled more than
    180 000 tons
    of textile waste
    We processed more than
    100 000 tons
    of recycled fibers
    We use more than
    400 tons
    of recycled fibers monthly

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