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    Road construction

    The geosynthetics industry has expanded rapidly in recent years, and the number and types of geotextiles manufactured with a specific focus in roadway design has increased dramatically.

    Traditionally, the use of geotextiles in road applications has addressed five main functions: separation, filtration, drainage, mitigation of crack propagation and reinforcement. More recently, they have been employed to create soil capillary breaks, thereby protecting the construction against moisture.

    Minet geosynthetic products are suitable for both paved and unpaved roads, being engineered to ensure an optimum balance between use- life and costs. Compared to traditional methods, our systems significantly reduce the amount of natural aggregate required for such essential projects as highways, roads, airport runways or yards, while increasing structural performance. Likewise, they help prevent damage from excessive rutting, cracking or potholes by evenly distributing work load - an aspect paramount to long term operation.

    Contractors can rest assured that civil structures made with Minet geotextiles cost less, are faster to build, last longer and minimize environmental impact by using less construction resources.

    Paved Roads and Parking Areas

    Minet systems can significantly extend the working life of pavement structures while reducing costs and lowering the amount of aggregate and asphalt used.

    Our solutions stabilize and preserve paved roads by providing a rugged separation and stabilization layer between the road structure and the subgrade soils.

    Due to their high tensile strength, Minet products enable the reduction of asphalt cap thickness and the resulting depth excavation, which means increased bearing capacity.

    Subgrade Stabilization

    Many times, poor soils do not possess the strength to support road construction activities and the heavy traffic loads.

    The use of Minet geosynthetics allows a zone of stronger subgrade to be added below the pavement section so that the embankment is laid on a stable foundation from which a permanent or temporary road platform can be built.

    Crack Mitigation

    Cracking and the intrusion of water are a common cause for the deterioration of the roadway structure that may lead to pavement structural failures.

    Minet geosynthetics can reduce maintenance costs and extend the roadway lifespan by providing both asphalt reinforcement over cracked substrates, preventing crack migration, and barrier against water infiltration in the road surface.

    Unpaved Roads and Industrial Yards

    Unpaved roads and yards usually sited on poor soils and subject to heavy traffic loads will face severe deterioration if left untreated. Our products prevent the aggregate from mixing with the underlying soils, reducing the thickness of the required aggregate and increasing the load-bearing capacity. By confining the aggregate in a stabilized layer, Minet systems optimize the performance of the unpaved structures, while reducing maintenance costs.


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