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    Hygiene Applications

    Starting from 2022 we will manufacture Spunlace nonwoven materials used in the production of wet wipes for domestic and industrial use, with applications in various industrial sectors: medical, cosmetics and body care, products for home cleaning, sanitary napkins, baby wipes & diapers, Ho.Re.Ca., professional cleaning etc.

    Applications for Spunlace nonwoven materials
    Minet wet wipes

    Personal & Home Care

    • Baby Wipes
    • Antibacterial Wipes
    • Cosmetic Wipes
    • Household Wipes

    Industrial & Medical Care

    • Medical Apparel
    • Antibacterial Wipes
    • Antiseptic wipes
    • Wound care
    • Medical wipes
    • Patient cleaning
    • Surgical drapes
    • Automotive Refinishing
    • Workplace wipes



    The Spunlace Technology allows us to manufacture the highest quality nonwovens that perfectly match customer   requirements in terms of fineness, strength, degree of absorption, recycling, hypoallergenic properties and very light weights.

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