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    Automotive Products
    Nonwovens for the automotive industry

    Having a deep understanding of the automotive sector requirements, we can design solutions to make driving more cost-efficient, comfortable and climate-friendly

    Our lightweight materials reduce the vehicle weight, providing comfort and advanced insulation. MINET's products are resistant to abrasion, fuels, water, extreme temperatures and they are also fire retardant.

    These products are fitted out with competitive technical parameters requested by the nonwovens market such as high durability, flexibility, high resistance, light weight and an overall high quality, absolutely necessary in the automotive industry.

    Our high-performance felts and nonwovens have various properties and advantages:

    • easily molded
    • reduce car weight
    • improve indoor climate
    • optimum safety
    • enhanced aesthetics
    • fire retardancy
    • advanced insulation
    • weight savings
    • non-fray properties

    MINET's nonwovens are an ideal solution for interior and trunk linings, carpets and mats.

    Minet trunk nonwovens

    Molded Covers & carpets

    Having excellent formability and a a high-quality appearance, our products are optimized to be used on the car floor and the trunk floor. In order to comply with our customers’ requirements, our products are made of different fibers, can be easily cut and rolled, being available at different dimensions. With an excellent dimensional stability, very good lay-flat characteristic and stiffness, our materials provide an exact fit.

    Our products are made in an environment friendly way and they enhance the sound and heat insulation of the cars.

    MINET's mechanically and/or thermal bonded nonwovens are characterized by resistance, flexibility and excellent resistance to water and oil exposures.

    Thermal insulation Minet

    Thermal & Acoustic Insulation Components

    We design and manufacture materials intended for thermal and acoustic insulation of various automotive components such as engine covers, heat shields, manifold covers and many more. The sound insulating materials manufactured by our company help to minimize the noise heard inside the car, even at high speeds or in heavy city traffic. Their positive influence is reflected not only on the sound level, but also on the indoor climate: as functional car clothing, these materials retain both cold and heat. Our products resist mould and mildew growth, preventing the occurring of bad odours and material degradation.

    Products characteristics: #Lightweight #Easily recycled    #High-strength #Oil and water resistant 


    Needlepunched / Thermalbonded

    Using a wide range of materials, we can create solutions to meet your exact requirements.

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