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    Bedding & Mattresses

    Restful sleep and relaxation are essential to the human body.
    Without them, we would not be able to function properly and face the challenges of modern life.
    That is why having a good mattress is essential for health, wellness and energy boost.

    netesute si vate Minet saltele

    For a long time MINET has supplied the mattress industry with high performance nonwovens, always adapting its technical capabilities to satisfy the demands of this ever-growing market.

    Our nonwoven fabrics are resilient, soft and highly breathable, all these making them ideal as reinforcements and fillings for quilted mattresses and mattress protectors.

    Within the manufacturing process, we use thermal bonding and needle punching techniques, resulting in high quality voluminous waddings with various lofts, perfectly fitting for mattresses.

    Each production technology has its specific advantages:

    • Thermo-bonding replaces foam and ensures that the mattress is comfortable and soft.
    • Needle punching provides the fabrics with strength and durability, extending the lifetime of the mattress.

    MINET's nowoven textiles are fire retardant and ecofriendly, in compliance with quality and safety standards in the industry.


    Everyone wants to relax at home. Regardless of our domestic schedule, we all need a good sleep to recharge.

    To this end, the high quality bedding products can make a big difference, especially when they are made of materials designed for a healthy rest


    Many times, after a long working day, nothing compares to the feeling of being embraced by the soft pillows or duvets. When paired with the right mattress and adapted to one’s sleeping habits, bedding products increase sleep quality, thus influencing personal health and well-being.

    MINET can satisfy the demands of the bedding sector with performant nonwoven fabrics, fit for sleeping products. We provide quality waddings and fillings found in many essential bedding products such as duvets, pillows, quilts, bed sheets or even sleeping bags.

    Our nonwovens replace foam for softness, are resilient, flexible and offer physiological comfort during sleep, due to their ability to control heat and moisture.
    The mixture of natural and synthetic fibers allows a hypoallergenic protection and promises a quiet night.

    We aim to help manufacturers of home textiles to create safe, comfortable and reliable products; that is why our fabrics have no chemical binders, are eco-friendly and fireproof, in full compliance with the industry standards.

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