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    Comfort and aesthetics
    Furniture applications

    MINET provides the upholstery manufacturers with high quality nonwovens that combine all the properties needed to increase the comfort, durability and aesthetics of home furniture.

    Minet Furniture nonwovens applications

    Personal comfort relies also on the quality of our furniture, whether we relax at home or spend long hours at the computer. Therefore, a comfortable sofa or a soft chair can make all the difference, especially when home becomes a working space. Although trends in interior design often change, the upholstery remains a steady choice due to its benefits.  Compared to wood or leather, upholstered furniture provides a superior comfort, a tear resistance as well as multiple styling possibilities while being more affordable.

    Currently, the nonwovens are used in the furniture industry, particularly in upholstery. Due to their great cushioning properties, the nonwovens are ideal for coating both the interior and exterior of many furniture items for everyday use.

    MINET's nonwovens are specifically designed for upholstered furniture, covering a wide range of applications such as filling, insulation, protection, decoration or quilting. We primarily use needle-punching and thermobonding technologies, which help us producing soft and resilient fabrics.

    All our products comply with the fire safety standards and are eco-friendly, as part of our commitment to environmental safety.


    Needle punching / Thermobonding

    Using a wide range of materials, we can create solutions to meet your exact requirements.

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