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    With a focus on quality and performance, MINET provides a wide range of nonwoven geotextiles and other related geosynthetic products that combine all the mechanical, physical and hydraulic properties needed to ensure the safety and endurance of large infrastructure, geotechnical, environmental or other construction projects.



    The geosynthetics industry has expanded rapidly in recent years, and the number and the types of geotextiles manufactured with a specific focus in roadway design have dramatically increased .

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    Geosynthetics have gained importance in the rail industry as a result of the significant benefits over the traditional techniques. Strong, cost–effective and easy to install, they extend the service life of the rail structures and reduce the maintenance cycles.

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    As highly permeable fabrics, nonwoven geotextiles are critical in improving poor soils due to their drainage and filtration capabilities, which help maintaining the integrity of the civil engineering infrastructure.

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    Minet protectie geomembrane 1300 px

    Geomembranes protection

    In geotechnical and environmental engineering, the protection of geomembranes against punctures and stresses is vital. Due to their permeability and strength, the nonwoven geotextiles are used as cushioning layers and efficient filters that safeguard the geomembrane and increase its performance.

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    Protectia eroziunii solului Minet 1300px

    Soil and bank erosion control

    Nonwoven geotextiles and related products ensure the protection of slopes, water banks, coasts and other areas subject to erosion by water or wind, thus providing significant environmental benefits.

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