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    Nonwoven Geotextiles are integral parts of drainage systems design, enabling reliable filtration

    In civil engineering, drainage and filtration are paramount to the integrity of the infrastructure, especially on poor soils. While drainage reduces the risk of flooding and foundational damage, filtration prevents the soil from being washed into the drainage system.

    To this end, nonwoven geotextiles are ideal materials because of their small pore size and high flow capacity, thus improving the soil characteristics. In most construction projects, geotextiles must ensure reliable filtration and have high strength to withstand the on -field installation process.

    Geotextiles are better than rock and soil because they offer sustainable performance and require less installation time compared with traditional drainage options. Geotextiles have applications for drainage of all structures, including under drains, water discharge channels, intercept drains, roadways, drains for walls and dams, drains for sport fields, parking lots, walls, lawns, tennis courts, and other areas. Some of the most important functions are storm-water management, envelope waterproofing systems, groundwater conveyance, ditching systems, recreational and landscape drainage, floodwater mitigation, road drainage etc.

    Advantages of using geotextiles in drainage:

    • Acceleration of settlements due to soft soil consolidation
    • On sandy soils, it wraps the drainage pipe to prevent sand from entering the perforation
    • Excavation depth and volume are reduced
    • Less construction time and costs
    • Simplified on -field handling
    • Low impact on the environment

    Minet nonwoven geotextiles provide superior drainage solutions thanks to their high flow capacity, strength as well as chemical and UV resilience, enabling a robust and cost- effective construction.


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