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    Long term protection
    Geomembranes protection

    Geotextiles are used for geomembranes protection against static and dynamic perforation.

    Within civil engineering, geomembranes became a crucial component in exposed geotechnical and environmental applications, providing efficient solutions for groundwater protection and safe waste disposal.

    In practice, geomembrane deformation may arise either from punctures with sharp materials – gravel, stones - or stresses caused by confined materials. In order to prevent such damages, geotextiles are applied as efficient protective layers that keep the integrity of the membrane during the entire design life and enhance the overall strength and durability.

    MINET supplies high performance nonwoven geotextile designed for liner protection of geomembranes in landfill and containment applications. With a wide range of suitable weights, MINET nonwoven geotextiles not only provide a safe filter and cushion against punctures and static deformation, but also ensure drainage of gas and vapors trapped in the geomembrane.

    Our continuous nonwoven geotextiles are made from high tenacity Polypropylene and Polyester fibers and display high strength, considerable thickness, high flow rate as well as superior corrosion and anti-freezing resistance. Installed above or below the liner, they provide long term protection and extend the life of the geomembrane structure, allowing an optimum containment of harmful waste, which in turn has significant advantages on the environment.

    Benefits of Minet Nonwoven Geotextiles 

    • High Chemical resistance
    • Resilient to installation stress
    • Maximum UV resistance
    • Minimize the environmental impact of landfill construction
    • Simplified construction of a better quality
    • Reduced time for construction and significant reduction of materials costs

    MINET geotextile products incorporate the latest technology and state of the art materials to ensure a cost effective, long term geomembrane protection in landfills, while meeting the structural needs of environmental protection.

    Our products comply with quality and UV resistance requirements of applicable industrial standards.


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