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    Anti-erosion barriers
    Soils an bank erosion control

    Geotextiles protect soil surfaces against erosion damage, promoting environmental sustainability.

    Cost effective, enduring and easy to use, geotextiles have become indispensable in geotechnical engineering. Amongst the many problems they solve is soil erosion - a natural process with serious adverse impact on environmental sustainability and agricultural productivity.
    Geotextiles are commonly used to protect soil in exposed areas such as stream banks, beachfronts, culverts, river channels, slopes and other sites subject to erosion by rainfall or surface water. Acting as a filter, geotextiles help control the water leakage, creating anti-erosion barriers, retaining the particles of sludge and allowing the clean water to freely cross the material. Geotextiles can enhance slope stabilization, while promoting vegetation growth.
    The strong Polypropylene fibers, treated to resist degradation and UV exposure, make our materials ideal for coast impoundments where they successfully substitute conventional revetment techniques.
    Because of their anti-seepage function, MINET Geotextiles are used to reinforce the embankments and soft ground foundations, offering an economical alternative to the rigid concrete walls and slopes. Furthermore, they enable the safe design of water-control structures such as risky municipal embankments, dams, canals, water tanks, sewage treatment lagoons, safety pools for residues, among others.
    Minet Geotextiles solutions are an integrated part of safety systems for civil constructions and are used in various environmental applications including drainage systems, water reservoirs and landfill liners, geomembrane protection or filtering liquid and gas containment structures.


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